About Us

Algobel Technologies & Innovations which was established in the year 2011 under the previous business name - ElectroSoft; has been changed to the current name in 2016 under company registration certificate No.16807. The main purpose of the name change was to highlight the key business focus i.e. Internet of Things and the design of "Class Level PCBs" for domestic requirements.

Now Algobel has reached up to global platforms as an IoT solution provider and we are pleased to serve better with technological advance experienced our company has been exposed to with the association of powerful tools.

As an innovator, Algobel develops its own tools as well as the use of highly reliable open source tools to create customer's concepts a successful reality with a low-cost solution and the fasters results. In addition, Algobel has powered many community projects, providing guidance for the young generation to build IoT related projects and tools.


Hot Line: +94777128667 ( WhatsApp/Viber)
Email: info@algobel.com